Our beginnings

Mercedes Henriquez, a former Job Counselor at Jubilee Jobs, started “Trabajo Jubiloso” in El Salvador in the fall of 2018. Mercedes, who served as a bilingual Job Counselor and Director of Job Placement at Jubilee Jobs for 10 years, always dreamt of returning to El Salvador and starting a Jubilee Jobs there. She and her husband retired in 2016 to pursue this dream.

Who are we:

Trabajo Jubiloso is a foundation with its operation center in the city of San Salvador, El Salvador, and focuses its activities on providing social service such as: Orientations for interview, curriculum preparation, and other tools and training for those who are in need of a job.

Our Foundation is made up of a highly qualified team in social services and who have the knowledge necessary to meet the needs of applicants.

Our mission:

To be a Foundation whose purpose is to address the social problem of unemployment in the country, achieving with faith in God, a better economic and professional outcome for all those who are in search of new career challenges.


You can contact Trabajo Jubiloso at the following email address: trabajojubilososv@fundatj.com